July 2022 Donizetti SLF v Donier & So Showbiz SLF v So Unique

12th July 2022  1 month old

Suadela SLF v Suarez x Fürsten-Look x Sir Donnerhall l x Rosenkavalier Bon Choix SLF v Bonjour x Showmaker x Hamlet x Hemmingway

December 2020

Foals in their new home for the winter with a fabulous view.  

Fürstin-Vivace SLF,   Vittadini SLF  &  Shockwave SLF

Foal Shoot 14th Sept 2020

Fürstin-Vivace by Vivino                                        Shockwave by Feinrich                                                     Vittadini by Vitalis      

14/5/2020 2 Mums & 2 Mums-to-be

Fürstin-Vivace SLF

Freya - Day 1 - 4th May 2020
By Vivino x Fürsten-Look x Sir Donnerhall l x Rosenkavalier   

Vittadini SLF

Vinnie - Day 1 -  7th May 2020
By Vitalis x Charmeur x Dreamcatcher x Montecristo

Shockwave SLF

Suki Day 1 - 12th June 2020  
By Feinrich x Showmaker x Hamlet (Nimmerdor) x Hemmingway

Gaga Lady (Gucci) v Vivaldi x Ferro In foal for 2021 to Donier (De Niro x Totilas)
Merikanto awarded Elite at British Futurity 2019 With Super Groom Tara Wilkinson
Showgirl Princess (Kylie) Award winning Broodmare From the Sire line of Sandro Hit and Dam line of Nimmerdor, with our home in the background
Fürstin-Show (Fliss) v Fürsten-Look x Sir Donnerhall I x Rosenkavalier. Her 2020 foal is Fürstin-Vivace by Vivino
Happy-Lady (Cherry) v Charmeur x Dreamcatcher x Montecristo Her 2020 foal is Vittadini
Showgirl Princess with her Elite foal, Merikanto Her 2020 foal is Shockwave SLF by Feinrich
Merikanto v Morricone out of Showgirl Princess Oldenburg Elitefohlen & British Futurity Elite
Elite Foal Show preparation Amazing job by Super Grooms Tara Wilkinson & Hannah Quinlan-Marshall
Showgirl Princess awarded Best Dressage Broodmare Beautifully turned out by Tara Wilkinson & Hannah Quinlan-Marshall for British Futurity Finals
Happy-Lady with her first foal Mystic NS Her 2020 foal is Vittadini SLF by Vitalis
Mystic NS
Showgirl Princess as a yearling
Vledder (George) v Germus R (Joost) At Chester International with Sally
George (Vledder) and part of his Harem Showgirl Princess, Happy-Lady and Fürstin-Show
Dave, one of our rescue Shetlands The one all of the children groom & ride
Stu & Benny are the best of friends
3 Stooges - Benny, Stu & Steve